Traffic Camera Detector

Traffic Camera Detector

When you heard the Camera, what do you think? We can take more pictures, take some videos about your life and you can apply to the surveillance system. Speaking of surveillance systems, do you know the cameras on the road and what their functions are. Road vehicle detection, Video Transmission, and queue detection. Then, let me introduce a traffic camera detector. Direct visual verification of the existence of the area TCD series enables you to pinpoint and verify the vehicle presence detection area. As these areas appear on video images, you can easily relocate these areas as traffic conditions change.

Traffic Camera Detector

Next,I want to send some specification about the Traffic Carmera Detector.System Overview:1.Detection functionalities:Vehicle presence+data+video. 2.Detection Zones:8. 3.Detection Outputs:8 via485&Ethernet&wireless.Camera:1.Resolution:640*480 pixels. 2.Frame rate:20 FPS. 3.Lens types focal distance:wide angle 2.8mm 0-30m narrow angle 6.0mm15-75mm. 4.Mounting hight:3.5-12m. 5.CMOS type:1/2.8 color. 6.Compression:MJPEG,H.264.Housing:1.Material:Aluminum. 2.Dimensions:Verticaily mounted 42*17*13cm. 3.Sunshield:Optional.Power,outputs,communication:1.Operating voltage:12-42VAC. 2.IP address:Yes. 3.Communication pc sensor:Interface&via ethernet. 4.Interface:485、wireless、Ethernet. 5.PC tool for setup:traffic configuration toll.

Road vehicle detector

 There are many benefits to the Traffic Camera Detector.such as there is the integration of small size(with camera&controller), wide dynamic, have high sensitivity. Non-intrusive ground installation. Adapted to day and night. Real-time verification and monitoring and traffic view.

queue detection

this is the bracket for the camera.

In fact, the camera can also be combined with the control system to function. The ground sensing function in the control system can be replaced by a camera.  The sense of ground, as you can see in the previous article, he can sense the passing of the vehicle, can have a green wave band, adjust the transit time and other functions, but he can not detect whether the vehicle is in violation of the regulations and the specific conditions of the road, but the camera can complete the sense of ground  The function can also complete his photography and video functions, you can see the situation of the vehicle in the camera, if there is a failure, you can be alert for the first time, open the passage of other roads, without reaching the scene, you can manually control the system. Traffic Camera Detector can also satisfy the ground sense function, and realize the same function as the ground sensed by sensing the situation where the vehicle enters the picture. 

Finally, this is about the camera from Shenzhen NOBLE.if you want to know more about some video of the can contact me.this is my ci=ontact address.TEL: +86 15913517193+86 0755-27651483-609.Skype: QQ:873934733.WeChat: +86 15913517193

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