single-channel loop detector


single-channel loop detector 

single-channel loop detector

The NOBLE single-channel Loop Detector a single channel inductive loop detector, designed for parking and vehicle access control. The function of the detector is to detect vehicle presence by means of an inductance change caused by the vehicle passing over a wire loop buried under the road surface. NOBLE single-channel loop detector can be applied to the parking lot, traffic analysis, traffic control vehicle counting.

ABOUT  NOBLE single-channel loop detector

 The NOBLE loop detector has many kind types. NOBLE loop detection just is the one type of it. And the  NBLD-100 is a single-channel loop detector. It is usually buried at the crossroads or T-shaped intersections for detecting traffic flow. So it is also called a vehicle loop detector. 

Quick Details:

Place of Origin:                  Guangdong, China

Model Number:                  single-channel loop detector
Type:                                  Single Channel
Voltage:                              12-24Vdc/85-240Vac
Size:                                    75mm*43mm*110mm

Brand Name:                    Noble

Frequency Range:              20-80khz
Working temperature:         -40℃ to +70℃
Sensitivity:                          16 ways selectable


Package & Delivery

Sells unit:                           Single item

Single package size:           16*15*14cm
Weight:                               0.5KG
Specification of single-channel loop detector
Self-turning range: 20-2000uh
Voltage: 12-24VDC or 85-240VAC
Relay output: presence relay /pulse reply
Working temperature: -40℃ - +70℃
Frequency: 4 steps switch, 20-80KHz
Response time: turn on 10-90MS, turn off 10-90NS
Reset: reset by a push-button on the front of the enclosure
Humidity: up to 95% relative humidity without consideration
Sensitivity: 16 ways selectable, highest: 0.010% DL/L, Lowest: 2.56% DL/L
Loop wire: more than 10 meters requires the use of a 2 core shielded cable, do not exceed 30 meters
distance between the control box and Noble loop detector. 
Size: 75mm*43mm*110mm
NOBLE NBLD-100 loop detector
The Feature of single-channel loop detector

1. Compact Size: the compact and well-engineered housing combined with all the industry requirements
regarding features and functionality allows this detector to be incorporated into any new or existing vehicle detection
2. Diagnostic Capabilities: Comprehensive diagnostics capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems.
3. Selectable Presence Time: The output of the presence relay can be selected to limit a detect output to a fixed time(time>30 minutes) while a vehicle remains on the loop.

4. Sensitivity setting: The 16 sensitivity settings allow for finer adjustment of the NBLD100 single-channel loop detector level.

5. Frequency setting: The 4 frequency settings provide greater flexibility in preventing crosstalk in multi-loop applications.

6. Reset Switch: The reset switch enables the detector to be manually reset during commissioning and testing. This results in the detector re-tuning the sensing loop and becoming ready for the single-channel loop detector

7. The single-channel loop detector has two separate output relays:

8.Presence Relay A is presence output, can be extended for 0,2,5,8,10,15,20 or 30 seconds.
Pulse Relay B, programmable with external 10 way DIP switches, provide presence, pulse on entry, pulse on exit, or failed output.
NOBLE NBLD-100 loop detector
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