Non-contact pedestrian touch button

non-contact pedestrian touch button

Non-contact Pedestrian Touch Button

The safety of pedestrians crossing the road cannot be separated from the traffic light system. NOBLE OPTO has improved the pedestrian button. Due to increasing traffic volume, it's getting more and more important to protect pedestrians and cyclists at intersections. Therefore NOBLE OPTO designed its own Non-contact pedestrian touch button with highly visible LED-displays, high sensitivity touch button reliable information for crossing the street safely.

In order to facilitate vehicle operation and ensure the safety of pedestrians, the use of pedestrian buttons is becoming more and more widespread in many countries.

non-contactant pedestrian touch button

Benefits of Choosing non-contact pedestrian touch button

1. Reducing more human contact with the machine, pedestrian Touch Button does not require hand contact, when your hand is close enough to sensor, Noble OPTO Pedestrian Touch Button will detect this and transmit this information to the intersection controller device. It's similar to the pedestrian signal.

2. More sensitive, more durable than traditional mechanical pushbuttons, but also more secure. Besides, Non-contact Pedestrian Touch Button can prevent the spread of infection sources, such as spitting or another virus that will remain on the machine.

3. Friendly design, easy installation, high sensitivity and longer lifetime.

Noble’s Pedestrian Touch Button can be used in all pedestrian crossings especially in front of the schools, hospitals, bicycle crossing and so on. The touch button works sensitively and is not affected by foreign objects. With a non-contact touch button, more hygienic in public places with high sensitivity and long life. Outlook small, novel, compact, waterproof design, easy to install, ABS+PC material, high strength, and anti-aging.

non-contactant pedestrian touch button

Features of Pedestrian Button

1, Outlook small, novel, compact, waterproof design, easy to install, ABS+PC material, high strength, and anti-aging.

2, With a non-contact touch button, more hygienic in public places, with high sensitivity and long life.

3, Blind clock voice prompts loud, Volume can be adjusted, day and night volume automatically switch, At the same time, the sound source can be customized.

4, Optional dynamic volume adjustment function, the blind clock can automatically adjust the volume according to the surrounding environment of the intersection, which is more intelligent.;

5, The wireless button adopts 2.4G self-organizing network Mesh network communication technology, automatic signal relay, the signal is stable and reliable, and the distance is long.

6, With 32-bit MCU control, the pedestrian button signal can be output through the receiver 8 group IO output or 485 output, the output signal can be freely mapped, or the output protocol can be customized, and the third-party traffic signal can be seamlessly connected.

7, With led lights and language reminders, button prompt text and graphics can be customized;

8, The wireless blind clock button is equipped with PC-side configuration software. By connecting the network cable, you can configure the button output mapping on the PC and adjust the voice volume of the blind clock.Blind clock button selection specifications.

Non-contact Pedestrian Touch Button, modular construction allows adaption to all kinds of intersections. One design for the whole city, independent of different functions of each interesting. No movable parts that can be manipulated. Resistant against vandalism due to a strong polycarbonate body with an integrated metal core profile. Laterally Non-contact pedestrian touch button applied tactile symbols for describing the crossing for the visually impaired. Meets all the requirements of current guidelines and regulations( RiLSA, DIN local regulations).



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