100mm Full-ball LED Traffic Single Light With Two Lamp

100mm Full-ball LED Traffic Single Light With Two Lamp

Traffic light using imported LEDs from Taiwan, NOBLE led traffic light with high intesity and long life span, is greatly energy saving. This can widely apply to parking lot, car wash, entrance and exit of weighbridge, storage yard.

100mm Full-ball LED Traffic Single Light With Two Lamp traffic single light with two lamps   

Transportation is the lifeblood of urban economic activities, which plays a very important role in the development of the urban economy and the improvement of people's living standards. Urban traffic problem is an important factor that perplexes urban development and restricts urban economic construction. So LED Traffic Single light play an increasingly important role in traffic safety. Although the 100mm traffic single light  is small, it can also be applied to many places and is a part of the traffic light.

The Construction and Advantage of  100mm Full-ball LED Traffic Single Light

45 Lens  37 Lens  Sun Visors  C Brackets  L Brackets  housing

  45 Lens       37 Lens        Sun Visors     C Brackets     L Brackets    housing

In our company, the normal 100mm full-ball traffic light mainly has two types: one is 45LEDs, another is 37LEDs. They are basically the same construction. The main components are power, PCB board, lens, housing, sun visors, brackets and so on. Using imported LEDs from Taiwan, NOBLE LED traffic single light with high intesity and long-life span,is greatly engry saving. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high brightness, long life, fast start, low power consumption, no stroboscopic, clear vision and so on. It can also be used for many years without maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

The Application and Wire Connection of 100mm Full-ball LED Traffic Single Light

The 100mm traffic single light are usually not used in important traffic places such as intersections. They are small in size and are generally used in non important places, mainly includingmainly including: parking lot,car wash,entrance and exit of weighbridge,storage yard. The L-brackets and C-brackets are wired in the same way. There are have four steps: Step 1: ①Insert the screw into the hole on the pole; ② Fix with gasket; Step 2: Put wire into the pole; Step 3: Connect lights bracket and screw on the pole, fixed with gasket and M10 nuts; Step 4: Tighten the nuts.

Comparison of energy saving lamp and LED lamp

Theoretically, LED lamp has a very long service life, low voltage and current, and is more energy-saving than energy-saving lamp. Because it is a cold light source and low power, it can be used in more environments, and it is safe to use. While Energy saving lamps, as the name implies, are energy-saving and power-saving, with a relatively long service life, which can generally use 6000-10000 hours; However, the brightness of energy-saving lamps will gradually decrease in use. In addition, the energy-saving lamp will produce electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation when it is used; ionizing radiation is harmful to human body. That's why traffic lights choose LED lights instead of energy-saving ones. The 100mm full-ball LED traffic single light with two lamps will be improved according to different needs.






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