Touch or Push Button for Pedestrian Crossing

     Touch or Push Button          Pedestrian push button

Touch or Push Button

The pedestrian touch or push button is a kind of signal machine which can change the control signal by the pedestrian through the button, make the motor green light turn into the red light and the pedestrian red light turn into the green light, so that the pedestrian can get a limited crossing time. There are two kinds of pedestrian buttons on the market, mainly the Pedestrian Push and Touch Button. The following are the differences between the two types of pedestrian buttons.

Brief Introduction of pedestrian push and touch button

    Pedestrian Push Button

1. Pedestrian push button, hand must touch and press on the button.

2. The pedestrian controller is an independent intersection control system.   

3. It is mainly suitable for the arterial streets,and streets with fewer pedestrian. 

4. This product is designed friendly, and has a broad market around the world.

5. The whole system consists with one controller.  

6. This button is made of plastic with an indicating lamp,   as well as a Fresnel lens. The indicating lamp is usually on when the pedestrian needs to pass the street, he or she has to move in front of the Fresnel lens on the button within 80cm, until the body’s infrared be captured by the photoelectric infrared sensor, in this case, the indicating lamp will be off once, means triggered successfully.

Pedestrian Touch Button

1.Inductive trigger button, pedestrian touch button, display symbol can show wait or print, symbol uses red hand.

2.They are produced with a capacity sensor, which is produced as an alternative to mechanical pedestrian button. When your hand is close enough to sensor, Noble’s Pedestrian Touch Button will detect this and transmit this information to the intersection controller device. In addition to this; pedestrians are warned by the screen on the button in order to pass or wait. The touch button works sensitively and is not affected by foreign objects. Noble’s Pedestrian Touch Button can be use in all pedestrian crossings especially in front of the schools, hospitals, bicycle crossing and so on.

3.Outlook small, novel, compact, waterproof design, easy to install, ABS+PC material, high strength, and anti-aging.

4.With a non-contact touch button, more hygienic in public places,with high sensitivity and long life.

5.Pedestrian touch-button output relay we can connect it to any traffic controller which has an IO input interface.  

pedestrian button

Key points of Touch or Push Button

        The safety of pedestrians crossing the road cannot be separated from the traffic light system. In order to facilitate vehicle operation and ensure the safety of pedestrians, the use of pedestrian buttons is becoming more and more widespread in many countries. According to the brief introduction above, there are two main types of pedestrian button. Therefore, NOBLE OPTO has improved the pedestrian button based on the current global situation.

       The Pedestrian Touch Button is safer than the Pedestrian Push Button. On rainy days, people touch the button may  cause an electric shock, it’s so dangerous. So the Pedestrian Touch Button is the best choice.



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