pedestrian touch button for crosswalk


The pedestrian button is a kind of signal machine which can change the control signal by the pedestrian through the button, make the motor green light turn into the red light and the pedestrian red light turn into the green light, so that the pedestrian can get a limited crossing time.


pedestrian touch button for crosswalk

About pedestrian touch button for crosswalk

  1. Inductive trigger button, pedestrian touch button, display symbol can show wait or print, symbol uses red hand.
  2. They are produced with a capacity sensor, which is produced as an alternative to mechanical pedestrian button. When your hand is close enough to sensor, Noble’s Pedestrian Touch Button will detect this and transmit this information to the intersection controller device. In addition to this; pedestrians are warned by the screen on the button in order to pass or wait. The touch button works sensitively and is not affected by foreign objects. Noble’s Pedestrian Touch Button can be use in all pedestrian crossings especially in front of the schools, hospitals, bicycle crossing and so on.
  3. Outlook small, novel, compact, waterproof design, easy to install, ABS+PC material, high strength, and anti-aging.
  4. With a non-contact touch button, more hygienic in public places,with high sensitivity and long life.
  5. Pedestrian touch-button output relay we can connect it to any traffic controller which has an IO input interface.

Key Benefits of pedestrian touch button for crosswalk:

  • modular consstruction allows adaption to all kinds of intersections.

  • new exclusive touch button have one design for the whole city, independent of differant functions of each intersection.
  • no movable paarts that can be manipulated
  • resistant against vandalism due to a strong polycarbonate body with an integrated metal core profil
  • laterally applied tactile symbols for describing the crossing for the visually impaired
  • localisation of the touch button due to acoustic and optical position signal(LED-ring)
  • meets all the requirements of current guidelines and regulations(RiLSA,DIN local regulations 32981,DIN VDE 0832,EN 50293)-tested by TÜV Rheinland
  • spound and volume adjustment using an integrated microphone to adhere to

pedestrian touch button for crosswalk



Technicl Informationof pedestrian touch button for crosswalk:

  • pedestrian touch button for crosswalk is a pedestrian touch button,and it also called hot sale pedestrian touch button.

  • Houisng :Polycarbonate Makrolon.
  • Coloer yellow(RAL1007) with a red cap, other colours are available
  • protectctive class II under DIN EN 61140 
  • Protective type IP65 under DIN EN 60259.
  • Votage Options: 100-240VAC,12-24VDC



pedestrian touch button for crosswalk





1,Outlook small, novel,compact, waterproof design, easy to install, ABS+PC material, high strength and anti-aging.

2,With a non-contact touch button,more hygienic in public places,with high sensitivity and long life.

3,Blind clock voice prompts loud,Volume can be adjusted,day and night volume automatically switch,At the same time, the sound source can be customized.

4,Optional dynamic volume adjustment function, the blind clock can automatically adjust the volume according to the surrounding environment of the intersection, which is more intelligent.;

5,The wireless button adopts 2.4G self-organizing network Mesh network communication technology, automatic signal relay, the signal is stable and reliable, and the distance is long..

6,With 32-bit MCU control, the pedestrian button signal can be output through the receiver 8 group IO output or 485 output, the output signal can be freely mapped, or the output protocol can be customized, and the third-party traffic signal can be seamlessly connected.

7, Pedestrian touch button for crosswalk with led lights and language reminders, button prompt text and graphics can be customized.






























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