400 mm Traffic Countdown Timer

400 mm Traffic Countdown Timer

There are various models and sizes of traffic lights, which can be made into many different shapes, vehicle traffic, pedestrian shapes, etc.  Used in many venues, parking lots, train stations, toll booths, parks, etc. Traffic lights are required for driving, and pedestrians also need traffic lights. Sometimes, when we look at the lights, we don't know how long to wait, Watching it keep showing red lights, it makes people feel anxious, but if a countdown light combined with red, yellow and green is installed, the time for people passing through may be reduced, which may reduce such annoyance. Now, our Shenzhen Noble company has launched 300.400.500 countdown lights, 400MM countdown is more commonly used, then I will briefly introduce their functions and functions.

400 mm Traffic Countdown Timer

400 mm Traffic Countdown Timer is an important part of the traffic light system, using LED diodes to show seconds counting down. The timing digit can change its color according to the signal, showing the driver the time to pass or wait. It has many characteristics. The color of the numbers on the countdown card can be changed, and can be used in red, yellow and green, and can also be adjusted to blink. When a fault occurs, the switch will be automatically closed to ensure safety.  Supports two separate countdown cycle modes for pedestrians and vehicles.  Moreover, the brightness of the lamp beads can be adjusted by itself.  Of course, we can support on-site configuration, which is set according to specific road segments and specific car conditions, so that we can better use this countdown function.

solar traffic light controller

You can take a look at the application of traffic countdown timer and signal light.  The picture shows the combination of signal light and countdown, which is combined into 4 lights.  The color of the number is 3 colors, and the color is changed according to the three lights of red, yellow and green. The lamp beads of the countdown wick are mainly three-character lamp beads. You can make it jump at any time according to the settings.  This is very convenient to use. It can be used in conjunction with the sense of the ground and the control system. After the vehicle passes, it can be sensed to add time. This can also be displayed on the countdown. The change of the countdown time number can be jumped according to the control system settings, which is more intelligent and convenient.

traffic controll series


The use scheme of the countdown shown in the figure is the picture of our company's products used in each place, and the reflection is still very impressive. There are some places where the countdown card is used repeatedly because you only need to see the number of the color change above, the effect of one traffic light is multi-purpose, and it can also be made into 4 lights (as shown in picture two). of course, if you want to know more about 400 mm Traffic Countdown Timer. Or watch some video about the Countdown timer with a traffic light and traffic control series. We also have many videos or pictures of the product. you can watch our company's web(https//www.nobleled.com).it's a surprise!


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