Top Quality High Flux Traffic Light Series

top quality high flux traffic light

Top Quality High Flux Traffic Light Series

  Over 10 years of experience in the development and manufacture of LED-based signals allow us to offer highly reliable, atate-of-the-art products. The central light source combined with the dual lens system enables a brilliant signal display.

Introduction of Top Quality High Flux Traffic Light

  Noble hi flux traffic light is made of PC and sun visor also was PC material, resistant to mechanical stress, unfavorable weather conditions and solar radiation. Central Light Source LED Traffic Lights are energy-efficient products and systems that are primary for smooth and safe vehicular as well as pedestrian movement. These are high quality and maintenance-free with clear visibility in all-weather, all-light conditions

Look at the picture blew, we can see the outer lens are colored, we usually painted on the lens, of course, we also have cobwed lens that needn't painting. And the shape is round, and the lens is obviously convex. Different from regular traffic signal lights, the shell of high flux traffic signal light is thicker. Because it is high flux, high power, there are moe materials set in the power board, thus it requires thick shell. Speak to the brackets, there are several types of brackets can be used: L brackets and 10C or C brackets. It depends on the model the cilent choose. In addition, the pattern can be designed, but just some easy pattern, not the complicated one. If the pattern is too complicated, it will look werid and vague.

 .       hi flux traffic light

Features of Top Quality High Flux Traffic LIGHT

  • High flux traffic light with good quality and long timer lifespan.
  • Traffic light shell wtaerproof lecel was IP65 and traffic light modules waterproof level was IP54.
  • In the  harsh weather conditions such as continuous light, rain,dust,etc., it can still maintain good visibility and performance indicators.
  • The advantage of light source in energy saving is very obvious. One of its remarkable features is low energy consumption, which is very meaningful for the application of lamps.
  • With 3 years quality warranty. During warranty, if our traffic light appear some problem. Our sales-service engineer will offer some solution or resend some new accessories for replacement.
  • One of the more significant advantages of our traffic signal light was the fast response time.
  • The LED traffic signal is enableed in the epoxy resin and is not easily affected by vibrant. Therefore, it has  good impact resistance and no glass cover cracking problem.
  • The advantage in erergy saving is obvious, it can be directly converted into light by electric energy, and almost no heat is generated. It is a kind of traffic light.
  • In the corn of the carton, we will put some pear wools. Avoiding being damaged during the transportation.                              

Knowing the features of top quality high flux traffic light, the following we will discuss its application. If you want to know more pattern we can design or want to know more information of  high flux traffic light, please come to contact me or browse our company website.

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