Vehicle loop detector

Vehicle loop detector 

A vehicle loop detector refers to a sensor invented thorough knowledge of physics. There are toroidal coil type, square coil type, ultrasonic type, radar type, video type, etc., which are usually used in highway toll gates. There are toroidal coil types, square coil type, ultrasonic type, radar type, video type, and so on. Considering cost performance and high reliability, the most commonly used is the toroidal coil type vehicle detector. There are two types of toroidal coil vehicle detectors, box type and card type. It is mainly composed of regulated power supply, oscillation coil, logic circuit, microprocessor, interface and drive circuit, a signal output circuit, induction coil, etc.

Vehicle loop detector

Now, we talk about the vehicle loop detector form Noble Opto co., LTD. We install the detector in a weatherproof housing. The detector should be as close to the sensing loop as possible and always be installed away from strong magnetic fields. In addition, we need to avoid running high voltage wires near the loop detectors. Don't install the detector on vibrating objects. When the control box is installed within 10 meters of the loop, normal wires can be used to connect the control box to the loop. More than 10 meters requires the use of a 2 core shielded cable. Do not exceed 30 meters distance between the control box and loop. The Loop detector also has two modes, pulse and presence mode. The pulse is only a state of sending a signal. For example, when the vehicle passes the signal, the signal is sent out, the signal rod will work, and it will go out immediately in the next second. In the existing state, when the vehicle passes by, the signal is sent out, and it will always work in the state of sending the signal, knowing that the vehicle is far away. These two modes are different, and the application occasions are also different.

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There are many applications of ground sense, such as parking lots, underground garages, traffic light intersections, etc., which can be used for vehicle detection, mainly metal detection. In the parking lot system, to determine the role of the ground sense coil, we must first know the location of the ground sense coil. For example, there are two aspects to the entrance and exit barriers1. Anti-smashing the car, the bar will not fall when the car is on the looper;2. The car passes the falling bar. Vehicle loop detector at the exit controller similar to the Vehicle loop detector at the entrance controller, in the remote card reading system (Bluetooth system, license plate recognition system), the Vehicle loop detector is used to identify the direction of the vehicle. When used in an underground garage of a large supermarket, the number of garage cars can be judged mainly based on the passing conditions of the vehicles, and the number of parking spaces remaining can be recorded. In many large supermarkets, the two-way loop detector is mostly used. The direction of vehicle entry and exit can be used.

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