LED Traffic Pole Light with Three Colors


Led Traffic Pole Light

                                                                                      led traffic pole light                                                                                                                                                                                    traffic pole light

The Introduction of Led Traffic Pole Light:

       Many car owners have this experience. There is only one lane on the road or there are trees blocking roads on both sides of the road. When the traffic lights are waiting, the driver's line of sight will be blocked by the tree or the large truck or bus in front, and the traffic lights at the intersection are not visible. Thus, the behavior of the signal light is misunderstood. In order to solve this problem, Noble Opto designed the Led Traffic Pole Light.Led Traffic Pole Light are installed separately on the cross arm and the vertical pole of the signal light pole. When the signal is red light, the traffic signal following tube is synchronously displayed as a red light; when the signal light changes to a yellow light, the traffic signal following tube synchronously displays yellow; when the signal light changes to a green light, the traffic signal following tube is synchronously displayed in green. The main difference between this kind of the Led Traffic Pole Light and ordinary signal light is that there are two eye-catching traffic signal following tube on the light pole, which can change with the signal light. This kind of signal light is very conspicuous day and night, and the overall appearance is beautiful. It can be seen from 300 meters away, which is very eye-catching, thus effectively avoiding the occurrence of mis-spoken signal behavior when the signal light is blocked.

Led Traffic Pole Light Features:

1. The product can automatically detect the traffic signal to realize the follow-up signal lamp full or backward 9 seconds decrementing countdown (to achieve this function requires a control box in each direction)

2. The light source uses the same LED bead as the conventional traffic signal, maintaining the color consistency with the signal source.

3. The product is divided into 6 meters long and one roll. According to the actual length of the signal light rod, the scene can be freely spliced. There is 3M glue on the back of the product. Before installation, the 3M adhesive is torn off and fixed, then the stainless steel cable tie is used to fix the product on the rod. It is simple and convenient.

4. The product is easy to install, does not require additional external power supply, and can be directly connected to the terminal block of the original traffic signal light, which is convenient and ensures the simultaneous display with the traffic signal light.

Led Traffic Pole Light Dimensions:

traffic pole light

Led Traffic Pole Light Parameters:

Supply voltage



6000*12*5mm (L * W * H)

Power consumption


Product weight


Ambient temperature

-40℃ ~+60℃

LED light source

Taiwan crystal lamp beads

Working humidity

10% to 95% RH (no condensation)

Visible distance

300 meters

Number of LED lights


Lamp color

red yellow green

Viewing angle

120 degree

LED package


Waterproof rating



Red:625±5nm, yellow:590±5nm, green:502±5nm


Red/Yellow ≥5500cd/ m2, green ≥9000cd/ m2




2 Years

Life span

>80000 hours


                                                                                                                                                                           traffic pole light  


LED Traffic Pole Light Controller:

 controller                   led traffic pole light controller


Product material


Product size


Product net weight


Working voltage


No-load power


Full load power


Ambient temperature

-40℃ ~+60℃

Working humidity

10% to 95% RH (no condensation)


2 years

waterproof rating


Mode selection

Four-speed dimming mode selection

(can be achieved by internal dialing)



Product name Led Traffic Pole Light controller


 traffic pole light controller

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