Traffic light pole light

Traffic light pole light

On November 19, a reporter from’s poster found at the intersection of North Outer Ring Road and Dexian Street in Decheng District, Dezhou City, that a Traffic light pole light was installed on the traffic light pole in the east-west direction of the intersection. According to the introduction of a large group of civilian police directly under the Traffic Police Detachment of the Dezhou Public Security Bureau, this is the first intersection in Dezhou where a new type of signal light belt has been installed.

The reporter learned that the North Outer Ring is an important route for transportation vehicles to pass through Dezhou City. For medium and large passenger trucks, the installation of signal light belts is mainly to solve the blind spot of the rear vehicle’s sightline and the phenomenon of accidentally running the red light. At the same time, it also increases the indication range of the signal light. Pilots always pay attention to the signal lights.

Traffic light pole light

On November 19, a light strip was installed on the signal light pole at the intersection of North Outer Ring and Dexian Street in Decheng District, Dezhou City

Recently, a large team directly under the Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau has conducted field investigations and installed signal light strips at the intersection. In addition to the signal lights, even the signal light poles also flash and switch. Even if there is a large truck in front, the drivers behind can still clearly see Signal lights indicate. “Especially at night, the installation of this light strip allows vehicles behind to see the signal lights more clearly, and make corresponding predictions in advance.” Dong Xiaogang, a large group of policemen directly under the Dezhou Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Police Detachment, said that if it is rainy and snowy in winter Or the road is icy, the role of the signal light strip will be prominent.

pole light

It is understood that the Traffic light pole light is still in the trial operation stage, and the traffic police department will further improve the various functions of the light strip according to the daily use situation, and will gradually spread the installation to other intersections in the future.

Many news reports show that the use of light strips is becoming more and more common, indicating that light strips can solve actual traffic problems well. Now we can introduce the advantages of the light strip.


1. Taiwan Jingyuan 5050 high brightness chip

      5050 high-brightness chip with a large light-emitting area, which can effectively convert light energy. 

      Low-frequency flash, low light decay, long life, make the light pole traffic signal more brightness.

2. Pure copper guide plate, strong conductive performance, high-temperature resistance. 

    Pure cooper guide plate improves conversion performance flexibility high-temperature resistance.

3. Insulated waterproof design IP68 waterproof rating. 

  The traffic pole traffic light is integrally potted with a PC endurance board and epoxy resin glue.                        
  waterproof and dustproof performance and the signal level of the same level waterproof level up to IP68.

4. Anti-dead lamp technology. 
   One lamp bead is broken, no light is emitted, and it does not affect the normal illumination of other lamp beads. 

5. Traffic pole signal light follows the traffic signal light. 

    The product can automatically detect traffic lights to achieve full follow-up signal lights(to achieve this function 
   requires a control vox in each direction) Attention:  Traffic light pole light and traffic light step switch lighting color. 
  For drivers and passers-by very good warning. 

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