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Traffic light knowledge

Traffic signal lights are composed of red, green, and yellow lights. A red light means no traffic, a green light means permission to pass, and a yellow light means a warning.

Classification function of traffic signals.

1. Green traffic light 

The green light signal is a signal to permit passage. According to the Regulations on the Implementation of the Traffic Safety Law: When the green light is on, vehicles and pedestrians are allowed to pass, but turning vehicles are not allowed to obstruct the passing of straight-going vehicles and pedestrians.

2. Direction indicator light

The direction signal light is a special indicator light that directs the direction of the motor vehicle. It is pointed by different arrows to indicate that the motor vehicle is going straight, turning left, or turning right.

traffic light

3. Crosswalk traffic light 

The crosswalk lights consist of red and green lights. There is an image of a standing person on the red light mirror, and a walking person on the green light. Crosswalk lights are installed at both ends of crosswalks at important intersections with more people. The lamp head faces the roadway and is perpendicular to the center of the road.

The crosswalk light signal has two kinds of signals: green light and red light. Its meaning is similar to that of intersection signal light signals, that is, when the green light is on, pedestrians are allowed to pass through the crosswalk; when the red light is on, pedestrians are prohibited from entering the crosswalk but have entered the crosswalk. You can continue to pass or stay and wait at the centerline of the road.

4. Flashing warning lights

In order to keep flashing yellow light, it reminds vehicles and pedestrians to watch out when passing, and pass after confirming safety. This kind of light does not have the function of controlling traffic first and giving way. Some hangover the intersection, and some only use the yellow light to flash when the traffic signal lights are stopped at night to remind vehicles and pedestrians that the intersection ahead. Drive cautiously, wait and see carefully, and pass safely. At intersections where the flashing warning lights are flashing, when vehicles and pedestrians pass, the principles of ensuring safety must be observed, and at the same time, the traffic regulations for intersections without traffic signals or traffic signs should be observed.


5. Lane signal lights

The lane lights are composed of green arrow lights and red cross lights. They are set on the variable lane and only work on the lane. When the green arrow light is on, vehicles in the lane are allowed to pass in the indicated direction; when the red cross-shaped light or arrow light is on, vehicles in the lane are prohibited.

6. Yellow traffic light 

When the yellow light is on, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to pass.

   The meaning of the yellow light signal lies between the green light signal and the red light signal, and it has both the side that is forbidden and the side for allowing passage. When the yellow traffic light is on, it warns drivers and pedestrians that the traffic time is over, and the light is about to change to red. The car should be parked behind the stop line and pedestrians should not enter the crosswalk. However, if the vehicle crosses the stop line because it is too close to stop, it can continue to pass. Pedestrians who are already in the crosswalk must pass as soon as possible, or stay on the spot, or return to their original place depending on the traffic situation.

 traffic signals

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