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traffic light

How much do you know about signal lights? Many people always think that signal lights are very simple, but do you really know how to look at them? Today we will introduce the various signals of signal lights. Let me popularize science.

1. Traffic baton signal

   When the traffic police issued a stop signal with a stick, no vehicles were allowed to pass. Vehicles that have crossed the stop line are allowed to pass; when the traffic police signal a straight-ahead, vehicles are allowed to go straight, and right-turning vehicles can pass without hindering the passage of the released vehicles; when the traffic police signals a left turn, vehicles, and left-turning are allowed Straight-going vehicles pass. Vehicles turning right on all sides and straight-going vehicles without a crosswalk on the right of the T-junction can pass without obstructing the passage of vehicles being released.

traffic light

2.Red light signal

   The red light signal is an absolutely prohibited signal. When the red light is on, vehicles are prohibited. A right-turning vehicle may pass if it does not hinder the passage of vehicles and pedestrians being released.

The red light signal is a prohibition signal with compulsory meaning. When this signal is encountered, the prohibited vehicle must stop outside the stop line, and the prohibited pedestrian must wait on the sidewalk for release; when the motor vehicle is waiting for release, it is not allowed to turn off, Do not open the door, and drivers of various vehicles are not allowed to leave the vehicle; bicycles are not allowed to turn left and carts are not allowed to detour from outside the intersection, and right turn methods are not allowed to go around.

3.Bicycle signal lights

It is composed of red, yellow, and green arrow patterns.


4. Command procedure signal

  Wave gesture signals are divided into straight ahead, left turn, and stop signals. When vehicles and pedestrians encounter light signals, traffic signs, or traffic markings that are inconsistent with the command of the traffic police, they shall obey the command of the traffic police.

How to look at traffic lights

1.Straight intersection

   A straight intersection only uses one set of traffic lights. When the red light is on, the straight-ahead stops, and when the green light is on, the straight ahead. For intersections where U-turns are allowed, both traffic lights can turn around. However, in order to ensure safety, some places may specifically mark "Turn around at red light". At this time, only turn around when the red light is on. What needs special explanation is that if you see a sign prohibiting U-turns in front of an intersection, it means that U-turns are prohibited at this intersection, and you must be careful not to violate laws and regulations.

2.T junction

   T-shaped intersections generally include three situations, which are represented by A, B, and C below.

   Category A: U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights, and safety is ensured when turning left; straight-going vehicles pass by traffic lights (stop at a red light and go on a green light); right-turning vehicles also do not rely on traffic lights.

   Type B: U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights, and safety is ensured when turning left; left-turning vehicles pass by traffic lights (stop at a red light, green light); right-turning vehicles do not rely on traffic lights.

   Category C: U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights, and safety is ensured when turning left; left-turning vehicles pass by traffic lights (stop at a red light, green light); right-turning vehicles do not rely on traffic lights.



   intersections will be equipped with at least two sets of traffic lights, generally arrow-pointing. U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights (but many intersections need to go straight through the stop line, you need to follow the left turn signal to pass), ensure safety when turning left; straight vehicles follow the traffic light (stop at a red light, green light); right turn vehicles do not rely on At traffic lights, pay attention to avoiding straight vehicles.

   Motor vehicle traffic light traffic rules and precautions Motor vehicles passing through an intersection controlled by traffic lights shall pass according to the following regulations:

   (一) When turning to the left, turn to the left of the center of the intersection. Turn on the turn signal when turning and turn on the low beam when driving at night;

   (2) At an intersection with a guide lane, drive into the guide lane according to the desired direction of travel;

   (3) When a stop signal is encountered, stop outside the stop line in sequence. If there is no stop line, stop outside the intersection;

   (4) Those who are preparing to enter the roundabout let motor vehicles that are already in the intersection go ahead;

   (5) At intersections with no direction indicator traffic light, turning vehicles let straight vehicles and pedestrians go ahead. Right-turning motor vehicles traveling in the opposite direction let left-turning vehicles go first.

   (6) when it encounters a release signal, pass in turn;

   (7) When turning right when there is a car in the same lane waiting for the release signal, stop and wait in turn;

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