Traffic Video Camera With Camera Detector Signal Input.16 Channel Optical-Relay Output

Traffic Video Camera With Camera Detector Signal Input.16 Channel Optical-Relay Output
Traffic Video Camera With Camera Detector Signal Input.16 Channel Optical-Relay Output

Product Details:

  • Serial Number: TCD-8
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD 620.9
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-6working day
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, In cash
  • Package Details:1 sets/CTN (Carton size: 46*18*21cm)
  • Ability to Supply:500 per/month
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Traffic Video Camera

Traffic Video Camera repair is very simple. You can change the bad video when you have a few people at night. The main tool was Ladder then you can change the broken one. Relative to the traditional sense of place. The maintenance procedures are very complicated and require a lot of manpower and material resources. Our traffic video camera will have the following functions in future development. Vehicle counting function and video tracking function. These features do not require changes to the product's internal software and only require upgrading our software just ok.and our R&D department Our research and development department is under study and we believe that In the near future, our traffic video camera will have a place in the world. some advantage of our wireless video traffic camera.

traffic video camera

1. The material of the video is waterproof and sunscreen. The camera is designed with a sun visor to prevent rain from entering the camera. what's more. we will offer details English user manual. It will guide you on how to do it.  traffic cameras are very near me and very normal in our daily life.

2. The wireless video traffic camera has a CE certificate and can be exported to various countries in the world. Our cameras work with control systems in other countries. There are two ways to connect: IO  & communication IO: 16 IO + 4 Error connections. Compatible with the most controller. Communication includes 485 and 232. Nobi's protocols and custom protocols are available. Easy wiring, only one cable.

3. The material of the wired camera detector was Aluminium and plastic. and its weights and Paint technology and not stainless.  Compared to other materials, aluminum does not rust and has a long life cycle.

traffic video camera

4. The material of the Caltrans traffic cameras lens was glass. its advantage was the good light transmission, high-temperature resistance, good UV resistance, and good signal reception. The lens of the wireless webcam is a device that grabs the picture, and the effect is much higher than that of the surveillance camera through the computer wireless network. The lens is divided into a standard lens and a long focus lens. The adjustment of the focal length is actually to adjust the distance of the picture. The standard lens can see the characteristics of things, and the long focal length lens can see the specific details of things.

5. At the four corners of the box, we will place pearl cotton and bubble pads. The purpose of this is to protect the product from damage. After long-distance transportation abroad, the products received by the customer are still complete. Prove that our packaging quality is very good. In addition, on the outside of the box, we will have a fragile label and a light-handed label, so the courier will pay special attention.

6. The traffic video camera is mainly reflected in the definition of the picture. To achieve the clarity of the picture, it is not only a horizontal resolution of 540 TVL but also some wide dynamic, automatic white balance, sharpness adjustment of the image, super digital. Noise reduction, intelligent digital automatic metering compensation, and other functions.

traffic video camera






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