Video Camera Detector With Wireless Traffic Detection On Sale

Video Camera Detector With Wireless Traffic Detection On Sale
Video Camera Detector With Wireless Traffic Detection On Sale
Video Camera Detector With Wireless Traffic Detection On Sale
Video Camera Detector With Wireless Traffic Detection On Sale

Product Details:

  • Serial Number: TCD-8
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD 620.9
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 4-6 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, In cash
  • Package Details:1 sets/CTN
  • Ability to Supply:5000 per/month
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Video camera detector 

Guidelines to define the presence detection zones.

Size and position of the zone. The zone of video camera detector should have the length and width of a regular vehicle. For detection at the stop bar. Place the zone so that the vehicle will stop in the middle of the zone. Take into account that the vehicle will stop in front of or over the stop bar. Over lapsing zones. To optimize detection, you can use two overlapping zones. These zones minimize the chance that a vehicle stops in front or behind a zone.

video camera detector

Detection at night. At night, the vehicles are detected by its headlights. Therefore, the detection zones should over the headlights in every situation. Direction sensitivity. Make a zone direction sensitive in the situation where vehicles in the opposite direction may cause unwanted detection. Always set the direction zone. According to the normal direction of traffic. To define the presence detection zone in a new setup. The factory settings include a default presence detection zone.  The number in the zone refers to output that is assigned. our factory export cheap wireless security cameras and wireless video camera. 

video camera detector


Specification of video camera detector:

The independent output box power is 1.68W, the maximum power of the camera startup stage is 8.16W, and the working time is 5.1W.
Camera wireless antenna CW-583 power 1.4W. wireless video camera detector lens types focal detection distance was wide angle 2.8mm 0-30m narrow-angle 6.0mm(15-75m). traffic detection for sale and its mounted height arrives 3.5-12meter. wireless video camera CMOS type was 1/2.8 color. traffic camera detection compression was MJPEG, H.264.

Direct visual verification of the existence of the area TCD series enables you to pinpoint a verify the vehicle presence detection area. As their areas appear on the video images, you can easily relocate their areas as traffic conditions change. The most important that we can receive OEM for our video camera detector. If you want to add some extra function. you can share your idea with our engineer. and we will meet your requirements according to the actual situation. For us. customer services and product quality was the essence of success. 

  Material :    Aluminum 
 Dimension:    Vertically mounted 42*17*13cm 
 Sunshield:     Optional 
 Operating voltage:     12-42VAC
 IP address :     Yes 
 Communication PC sensor:   Interface & via ethernet 
 Interface :   485, wireless, Ethernet 
  PC tool for setup :   traffic configuration toll 


The Benefits Of Video Camera Detector:

1. integration of small size( with camera &controller)

2.Wide dynamic, high sensitivity.

3.Non-intrusive ground installation.

4. Adapt to day and night. 

5. Real-time verification and monitoring. 

6.Real-time traffic view.  

7.Road vehicle detection. 

8.Video transmission and queue detection. 

video camera detector










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