Single Channel Traffic Detector With Good Quality Vehicle Loop Detector

Single Channel Traffic Detector With Good Quality Vehicle Loop Detector
Single Channel Traffic Detector With Good Quality Vehicle Loop Detector

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  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: LD-105
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
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Single Channel Traffic Detector

Single channel traffic detector, the more standard title should be traffic information detector. At present, high-tech science and technology such as electromagnetic sensing technology, ultrasonic sensing technology, radar detection technology, video detection technology, computer technology, and communication technology are widely used in traffic detection systems or traffic information collection systems at home and abroad. Correspondingly, traffic information detectors mainly include an inductor loop detector (ring type induction coil), an ultrasonic detector, an infrared detector, a radar detector, a video detector, single channel traffic detector and the like.

single channel traffic detector





The Feature of Single Channel Traffic Detector:

1. The coil detector covers a large area, only one detector is needed for 1-4 lanes, and the detection range is 1-6 meters.
2. There are many detectable parameters, which can detect vehicle count, presence, speed, occupancy rate, vehicle flow direction, vehicle spacing, transit time, and traffic flow.

3. High precision. when there was a vehicles pass. then our traffic loop detector can detect it very exactly. 

4. Easy to expand, when detecting 4 lanes or more, increase the test card.
5. The road closure is required and the construction period is short. Thus you can save some cost for the labor force.  
6. When the coil fails, replace the coil again and the fault can be restored.
7. Cannot adjust or move when you finish installing. if you move the traffic detection. it will have an influence on its working efficiency.
8. The technology is very mature and the most used, because the detection accuracy is the most widely used, and it is not affected by any heavy rain, fog or night weather.

Single Channel Traffic Detector


The single channel traffic detection will test the coil during the tuning process. When the inductance of the coil exceeds the allowable range or the open circuit or short circuit occurs, the LED will continuously flash. If the coil test is normal, the LED on the top panel will no longer flash and will enter normal operation (the relay will not pick up at this time). 

Traffic information of single channel traffic detector can be divided into embedded and suspended depending on the installation method. From the perspective of cost performance and high reliability, the most commonly used is the toroidal coil type vehicle detector, but in recent years more and more video detectors have been used. The toroidal coil detector is a traditional traffic detector and is the most widely used detection device in the world. The vehicle passes through the toroidal coil buried under the road surface, causing the change of the magnetic field of the coil. The detector calculates the traffic parameters such as the flow rate, speed, time occupancy and length of the vehicle, and uploads it to the central control system to meet the traffic control system. need. This method is mature, easy to master, and has the advantage of lower cost. loop detector card/ traffic signal detector card/traffic loop detector/vehicle loop detector/single channel traffic detector.

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