200mm LED Traffic Signal Light With IP65 Waterproof Traffic Light

200mm LED Traffic Signal Light With IP65 Waterproof Traffic Light

Product Details:

  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: JD212-2
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD86
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, In cash
  • Package Details:1 Carton/ 1 Set (64*32*23cm)
  • Ability to Supply:3000 Piece/month
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200mm LED Traffic Signal Light 

200mm LED traffic signal light with low consumption. 200mm LED traffic lights can maintain good visibility and performance indicators under severe weather conditions such as continuous illumination, rain, and dust. The light emitted by the LED monochromatic light, so there is no need to use color chips to generate red, yellow and green signal colors. The lights emitted by the LED has directivity and a certain divergence angle, thereby eliminating the use of the traditional signal lamp. Aspherical mirror. This feature of LED solves the illusion of traditional signal lights (commonly known as the false display) and the fading of color chips, which improves the light efficiency. The advantage of an LED light source in energy saving is very obvious. One of its remarkable features is low energy consumption. This is very meaningful for the application of the luminaire. LED traffic lights almost 100% of the LED's excitation energy becomes visible light. In comparison, 80% of incandescent bulbs become heat loss, and only 20% become visible light. LEDs are directly converted into light sources by electric energy, resulting in extremely low heat and almost no heat. LED traffic light cooling surface can avoid burns by maintenance personnel and can get longer life.

200mm led traffic signal light

Traffic lights are an important part of traffic signals and are the basic language of road traffic. Traffic lights consist of red lights (forbidden traffic), green lights (for permission), and yellow lights (for warnings). Divided into: motor vehicle signal lights, non-motor vehicle signal lights, pedestrian crossing signal lights, lane signal lights, direction indicator lights, flash warning lights, road, and railway plane crossing signal lights. Road traffic lights are a category of traffic safety products. They are an important tool for strengthening road traffic management, reducing traffic accidents, improving road use efficiency, and improving traffic conditions. Suitable for intersections such as intersections and T-shaped. Guided by road traffic signal control, it guides vehicles and pedestrians to pass safely and orderly. 200mm LED traffic signal light with C and L shape Brackets. 200mm red-green traffic signal light with C shape and L shape Brackets, 2 aspect traffic light, 200mm traffic light. 

200mm led traffic signal light

At the earliest, there were only two colors, red and green. Later, after improvement, a yellow light was added. The red light indicates stop, the yellow light indicates preparation, and the green light indicates passage. The three colors are used. On the one hand, it is the three primary colors, 200mm led traffic signal light, and other colors are also transferred on this basis. on the other hand. The use of these three colors as communication numbers is also related to people's visual structure and psychological reactions. The use of LEDs for traffic lights has a good development prospect, and because traffic lights command the smooth progress of urban traffic. Almost every year, a large number of traffic lights need to be updated, which brings huge market and profit to traffic lights, helps LED production and design, and stimulates the entire LED industry.

200mm led traffic signal light







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