Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light with countdown timer

Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light with countdown timer
Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light with countdown timer

Product Details:

  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: NBRX211S-G+RX211-R&GDJS211-Y
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD158
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, In cash
  • Package Details:1Cartons / 1pcs
  • Ability to Supply:3000Piece/month
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Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light with countdown timer

Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light

Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light independently developed and produced by Shen Zhen Noble Opto Co., Ltd technical engineer is produced by a self-developed plastic mold. It uses pure PC+ABS ( polycarbonate ) material for injection molding without any recyclable materials. Even if in harsh environments. It can suitable for any climate. What's more. We can guarantee that there will be no problems for 2 years.

Our pedestrian traffic light LED chips import from Taiwan and its brand was" Epistar" and very famous enterprise. with outstanding packaging technology, ultra-high luminous intensity, and stable luminous angle are the strong support for the life of our company's product. 

Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light uses the integrated chips. More than 95% of the electronic raw materials are internationally renowned brands to ensure stable performance. 



Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light


Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light

The Advantage of dynamic pedestrian traffic lights as below:

1.Using high-brightness Taiwan Epistar chip lamp beads, the color is eye-catching, the color is distinct, and it has good visibility regardless of day and night. Low loss, uniform brightness, standard chromatogram, long life. Compared with traditional light sources (such as incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps), energy saving is about 85%.

2.The PCB circuit board is controlled by an industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer, with a wide temperature range of -30-75°C. With independent watchdog and hardware anti-interference measures. One lamp bead is damaged and will not affect the work of other lamp beads. Controlled by a software program, the pedestrian pattern display of the countdown pedestrian light is synchronized with the countdown display value.

3. Using a sealed waterproof constant power supply, it can work normally in the range of 100V-277V, with overvoltage, surge voltage resistance, low temperature -40 degrees to +50 degrees Operating voltage: DC 12V 24V AC 100V-277V. Anti-surge power, better than national standards.Power factor>0.93.

4.The product is produced by a self-developed plastic mold, using ABS+PC (polycarbonate) for injection molding, without any recycled materials. The sealing rubber ring is made of silicone material, which is weather-resistant, and the working temperature is -40℃—+70℃. High flame retardant grade.

5.The waterproof structure adopts flexible silicone rubber sealing ring parts, dust-proof, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging, the lamp shell is shockproof, anti-fall, no diamond, ventilation, good heat dissipation, IP65 waterproof. Two digital countdown timers Coupled with the overall ultra-thin design, light, and easy to install, the overall appearance is beautiful.


The structural parts of the dynamic pedestrian traffic light Two digital countdown timer have outstanding materials, exquisite workmanship, and a beautiful appearance, get rid of the traditional industrial lamps. 

Two digital countdown timer more tin are strictly inspected. Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic light, each set of traffic lights produced by Shen Zhen Noble Opto Co., Ltd has undergone strict high and low temperature, vibration, salt spray, photoelectric performance, and other tests before delivering goods to our customers to ensure quality.

Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic signal Light is well packaged. Pedestrian Traffic signal Light with timer, each set of products is individually designed and packaged to ensure that the products that reach the customer are intact.


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