blind clock push-button with IP65 waterproof

blind clock push-button with IP65 waterproof

Product Details:

  • Brand:NobTra
  • Serial Number: PTB-20BS-V12
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD56.2
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T , Bank transfer, alibaba online order, WeChat
  • Package Details:1Cartons / 10pcs(38*32*25cm)
  • Ability to Supply:3000Piece/month
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blind clock push-button

blind clock push-button used to remind blind people to cross the intersection to be careful. With a dynamic volume adjustable. If the surrounding is noise. Then you can adapt the voice to be loud. If the surrounding is quiet. you can adjust to voice to be lower.  With a computer APP adjustable and very convenient. The wireless high voltage bind clock push-button working voltage was 100-240VAC. With economic development, customers at home and abroad pay more attention to traffic safety equipment. And you can see the blind clock anywhere. In a busy street or a remote street and you can see the blind clock pedestrian push button. The power consumption of the bind clock push-button lower 5watt.  With the wireless signal transmitter and 3pcs connection wires.  

blind clock push-button

The frequency band of the blind clock push-button was 2.4G( 2405MHz-2480MHz 16 channels can be set). The transmitting power of the push button was 200mA. Concerned the communication distance: more than 200 meters( this is the distance between the signal button and the receiver, and the multi-button coordinates the working distance further).  The most important was the button receive sensitivity. NobTra IP65 pedestrian push button was -98dBm. Another important point was that our blind clock push button no need touch. your hand just closes our push-button just ok.  the non-touch push button is welcome by many people. Be safe and higher efficiency.  If you order our wireless blind clock push-button. you also need a wireless receiver.   1pcs wireless receiver the maximum can work with 16pcs blind clock push-button in the same intersection. For example. If you order 12pcs blind clock push-button from our factory.  Intersection 1 used 8pcs, Intersection 2 used 4pcs. Then you need to order a 2pcs wireless receiver.  Maybe many customers are interested in the voice parameter. Let me introduce it to you. The voice speaker power of the blind clock push-button was 8Ω2W. The voice distribution of the non-touch push button was 30-90DB. For the audio file. there will be a "Tick-tack". we can add your country language to our blind clock push button.  As long as you provide audio.

blind clock push-button


NobTra wireless receiver parameter as below:

Supply voltage:    10-30VDC 
Detection output:  Detection output 8 groups of signals, error output 1 group signal 
Communication interface   LANx1, 485x1 
Power consumption:  <1watt  
Apperance size:   120*90*56mm 
Installation method: 

 rail mounting 

blind clock push-button

The advantage of the blind clock push button

1.Outlook small, novel, compact, waterproof design, easy to install, ABS+PC material, high strength, and anti-aging.
2.With a non-contact touch button, more hygienic in public places,with high sensitivity and long life.
3.Blind clock voice prompts loud,Volume can be adjusted,day and night volume automatically switch,At the same time, the sound source can be customized.
4.Optional dynamic volume adjustment function, the blind clock can automatically adjust the volume according to the surrounding environment of the intersection, which is more intelligent.;
5.The wireless blind clock push-button adopts a 2.4G self-organizing network Mesh network communication technology, automatic signal relay, the signal is stable and reliable, and the distance is long.
6.With 32-bit MCU control, the pedestrian button signal can be output through the receiver 8 group IO output or 485 output, the output signal can be freely mapped, or the output protocol can be customized, and the third-party traffic signal can be seamlessly connected.
7.With led lights and language reminders, button prompt text and graphics can be customized.
8.The wireless blind clock pus-button is equipped with PC-side configuration software. By connecting the network cable, you can configure the button output mapping on the PC and adjust the voice volume of the blind clock. Blind clock button selection specifications.

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