solar warning lights traffic light with IP65 waterproof

solar warning lights traffic light with IP65 waterproof

Product Details:

  • Brand:NobTra
  • Serial Number: NBSFL200-Y
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD95
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T , Bank transfer, alibaba online order, WeChat
  • Package Details:1Cartons / 1Set
  • Ability to Supply:3000Piece/month
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solar warning lights

solar warning lights can be used for pedestrian safety, stop and yield signs, vehicle directions, emergency instructions, parking safety, and school zone safety. They are designed for ultimate visibility so that seeing them is never an issue. NobTra solar warning light with the 200mm&300mm specification. Most of the customers choose the yellow flashing light and used it the remind the car in the intersections. In additional. We can do 200mm yellow+yellow solar warning lights work with remote control. If you press the A button, the first yellow light will be flash, the second yellow light not on.  If you press the B button, the first yellow not on, the second yellow light will be flash.  And you can choose the fixed flashlight. For example. you can choose the yellow flash time was 2 seconds. Before sending goods to you. Please inform us. Then we can send your requirement to our technical engineer. Usually. We will equip a 10-watt solar panel for a 200mm single light solar warning light. Inside with 1pcs  6600ma lithium battery. The 300mm solar flashing light also equip the 10watt solar panel. But the capacity of the battery was 2pcs 6600ma lithium battery.  In order to meet the different requirements. NobTra provides various solar warning light models. With flexible assemble. For example.  200mm red+yellow solar traffic lights, 200mm red+white solar warning light, 200mm high flux yellow flashing traffic lights, 200mm high flux white solar power traffic light, and so on.  

200mm solar warning lights


The main feature of the solar warning light. 
1.Cover of our Solar flash warning light will be a clear lens 
2.Wider viewing angle
3.Flashing times in a minute can be optional
4.Utilizes constant current source to maintain consistent light output
5.Engineered for superior thermal management.
6.Environmentally friendly & energy saving
7.Meets and/or exceeds CE&ROHS standards 
8.Maintains 70% of the initial luminance intensity after 100,000 hours of operation
9.Excellent moisture and dust resistance.
10.The shape of our Solar traffic warning light can be a full ball, or arrow, etc.
11.All our solar flash warning light have 2 years warranty
12.Modern and popular design
13.High efficiency, high brightness, wide view angle
14.90% energy saving than traditional light
15.Multiply sealed water resistant
16.Light intensity automatically adjustable
17.Exclusive optical lens, good color, and enhanced uniformity
18.Up to national standard GB-14887-2003

yellow flash traffic light

The advantage of the solar warning lights:

1. With import LED chips from Taiwan and high visible distance. Over 350 Meters and you can see the traffic light clearly. 

2. IP65 waterproof level. It can work well in the outdoor environment. 

3. With the wide temperature range.  NobTra solar warning lights' work temperature range was -40degre to 70 degrees. 

4. Strong shell material. PC housing material and can bear weight over 100KG. 

5.With lower power consumption.  

6. Used well for the parking system, warehouse door, and intersection. 
7. The visible distance over 350 Meters. The vehicle and the pedestrians can see the light clearly. 
8. With CE, Rohs, ISO9001:2015 certificate. Our product meets the EN12368 standards. 

9. We Have professional testing equipment. Such as Integrating sphere, vibration instrument, high and low-temperature box, power measuring instrument

200mm solar warning light



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