Wireless Portable Traffic Light With Controller Solution

Wireless Portable Traffic Light 

Wireless Portable Traffic Light used for road maintenance and guide the vehicle to drive safely.  The portable traffic signal light is powered by a solar lead-acid battery, which is very environmentally friendly and convenient. And also no need cable laying. With the function of battery storage, the system can work within 3-5 days. The key benefits are no wiring and freely installing on the road construction site. The normal battery specification was 12V, 65Ah.  Match the right battery according to your actuals needs. Noble wireless portable traffic light equips 30-watt Single-crystal solar panel with mounting Brackets.  If you don't know how to install the solar panel. Please reference our instruction. There was a detailed introduction and the drawing for wiring steps.  The pole of the portable traffic light can equip 200mm red green amber full ball traffic light or High flux 200mm red green amber traffic light.  Based on your requirements. You can choose one of them.  But our suggestion was 200mm red green amber high flux traffic light.  High flux traffic light LED chips import from Germany with good quality. With high-temperature resistance and suitable temperature range was -40 degree to 70 degrees.  The most important was that the visible distance over 1000Meter( Our engineer testing in an actual intersection). 

wireless portable traffic light

 The movable traffic light system applied in the intersection and it can be working by wireless communication.  The wireless portable traffic signal controller with 871 wireless modules and communication distance over 200 Meters. 1 set the master controller in the cabinets of the wireless portable traffic light. 2pcs slave controller put the inside of the 200mm red green amber traffic light. By phone app or Computer. you can set the traffic light plan and green times.   The wireless portable traffic light signals transmitted via wireless, no need to dig road and no need main power. It saving the labor cost and the saving time. 

wireless portable traffic light



Wireless portable traffic light solution (Applied in crossroad)

NO  model number  Product parameter   Quantity(pcs)
1   NBTSC-100 2nd Generation solar power intelligent controller system, with 12-24VDC    1 Set 
2  NBJD313-3 Full ball traffic light with Red+Yellow+Green, L Brackets, working voltage:12-24VDC     4pcs
3 NBRX312-2 300mm pedestrian traffic light with red&green, L Brackets, working voltage: 12-24VDC     8pcs
4 PTB-20RF-V9 Low voltage wireless pedestrian push button. 2 piece wires connection, with wireless output. working voltage: 12-35VAC     8pcs


100ah, 12VDC solar battery      4pcs


100W 12VDC Solar panel (with mounting Brackets)     4pcs 
7  NBC-01  The solar charge for solar  panel      4pcs
8  TBR-8 RF Pedestrian touch button receiver,16channel can be setting, 8 signal output can be setting, working voltage:12-30VDC       4pcs 
9 NBWS213-2 wireless portable traffic light      4 set




Production pictures of the wireless portable traffic light:

wireless portable traffic light












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