100mm high flux traffic signal light for junction

100mm high flux traffic signal light for junction 

100mm high flux traffic signal light. We can do the full ball, pedestrian, red cross green arrow symbol. Base on your actual requirement. We can offer corresponding traffic signal light for you. With IP65 waterproof testing. With PC housing sun visor and avoid direct sunlight to the lampshade. What's more. We will equip C-shaped mounting brackets. you can easily fix the traffic light to the light pole.  And you can also see the traffic light in the parking system.  100mm high flux traffic signal light work with the loop detector, barrier for toll station.

100mm high flux traffic signal light


100mm red+green pedestrian high flux traffic light also can be used for the 4-way intersection. Small size and high brightness LED chips.  The light bowl inside with 1pcs "Osram LED" import from Germany. With 5 years quality warranty.  Our engineer testing it the visible distance. The visible distance over 500Meters. NobTra with a manufacturer's traffic light over 11 years in China. We have production equipment and testing equipment for our 100mm red+green high flux traffic light production.

100mm high flux traffic signal light

Why many customers choose the 100mm high power traffic light.

First. With advanced outlooks and small size. you can save some shipping costs.

Second. With import LED chips and quality can be guaranteed.

Third. With strong ASB+PC housing. Not add other recycle material and each part material was raw material.

Fourth. The waterproof structure adopts flexible silicone rubber sealing ring parts, dust-proof, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging, the lamp shell is shockproof, anti-fall, no diamond, ventilation, good heat dissipation, IP65 waterproof. Coupled with the overall ultra-thin design, light and easy to install, the overall appearance is beautiful, won a number of patent certificates. 

Fifth. The optical lens is independently researched and developed according to the lamp bead, and the original light is re-emitted. Compared with ordinary low-power traffic lights, high-power traffic lights are brighter, more uniform, and softer light, and reduce the dazzling of the driver's eyes.

Sixth. The power supply adopts an isolated switching power supply, wide input voltage, short start-up time, lightning protection, surge protection, etc., and the output is designed with constant current and constant voltage. The entire power supply has been checked layer by layer from the design to the procurement of materials to the aging test. The aging process is strictly based on the specified time and full aging. Resolutely prevent bad products from flowing out of the factory and provide a stable working environment for the light source.

Seventh. The product adopts the whole cast aluminum design to dissipate heat, the heat produced by the luminous lamp bead is emitted into the air in time, and the service life of the LED is improved.

Eighth. Working normally at a temperature of-40-60℃, avoiding the normal operation of the product due to the change of ambient temperature.

Ninth. The finished wick is tested by shaking the table after assembly, and the vibration produced during transportation can be simulated, which can eliminate the bad products caused by welding, and play a key role in improving the quality of the product.

Tenth. The protection of packaging products, according to the whole product shape design pearl cotton packaging, pearl cotton has the advantages of moisture-proof, shockproof, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact resistance and so on, to protect the quality of products.

Eleventh. 100mm high flux traffic signal light fresnel lens has a flat surface, but can be used as a spherical lens. Because the Fresnel lens is basically flat, it can provide a huge space and reduce weight, and the focal length is shorter than its aperture, which is not possible with spherical lenses. Therefore, it can be used in high-throughput traffic lights to achieve a uniform light distribution.

100mm high flux traffic signal light










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