digital countdown timer with solar wireless controller

digital countdown timer 

NobTra with a various digital countdown timer. The red-green countdown timer is used as a safety facility for road traffic auxiliary signals, It can be displayed in synchronization with various traffic lights. It can provide the remaining time information of red, yellow, and green lights for motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrian lights, reducing the time delay for vehicles or pedestrians to pass through the intersection, and significantly improving the efficiency of urban road traffic. The digital countdown timer, also known as the road traffic signal countdown display, is mainly used to control intersections with a fixed time, multi-period, and multi-scheme traffic lights. It displays a 3-digit countdown time with a maximum display time of 999 seconds. It can simultaneously show all green lights, yellow lights, or Red light time.

digital  countdown timer

NobTra red green amber countdown timer works well with our solar wireless controller system. Because our timer was study mode.  Usually. The digital countdown timer work with the vehicle traffic light and another model was a 200mm dynamic pedestrian traffic light with a countdown timer. Different customers have different requirements. Thus we have different size countdown timers for your choice. With 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm. For the digital. We have 1 digital,  2 digital, 2 digitals, and a half, 3 digital.   

digital  countdown timer

The advantage of the digital countdown timer

1.Using high-brightness Taiwan Epistar chip lamp beads, the color is eye-catching, the color is distinct, and it has good visibility regardless of day and night. Low loss, uniform brightness, standard chromatogram, long life. Compared with traditional light sources (such as incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps), energy saving is about 85%.

2.The detection circuit we designed has isolation and anti-interference functions, which can filter out 120-volt peak interference voltage or leakage voltage. Unique circuit design, through a special optical distribution circuit, the light can achieve a uniform effect. The mixed circuits are interconnected and independent. One lamp bead is damaged and does not affect the operation of other LED lights. The surface of the PCB board is treated with a matte coating to make the traffic signal light shine without interference and high reliability.

3. NobTra countdown timer adopts microcomputer control technology, which can automatically detect or receive the time of traffic signal lights in real-time. Built-in software and hardware watchdog circuit make it stable and reliable. Using a CPU processor for timing, it can automatically track the on and off time of traffic lights without manual adjustment. When there is an error in the time of the traffic light, the countdown timer can be automatically corrected.

4.NobTra countdown timer uses Meanwell constant voltage and constant source power supply to ensure stable product quality. Small size, lightweight, low power consumption, stable output voltage, and good resistance to reverse voltage. Adapt to a wide voltage range. 110~220VAC, 12~24VDC can work normally.

5.NobTra digital countdown timer series traffic lights have a variety of housings to meet the needs of different application scenarios. Among them, the 200MM, 300MM, and 400MM countdown timer shells are made of PC material with lightweight, high hardness, and high flexibility; it is fully sealed with UV-resistant silicone and will not leak water. The whole countdown timer is light in weight and easy to install. The 500MM countdown timer uses high-quality aluminum profiles, one-time die-cast aluminum, strong and durable, suitable for all kinds of bad weather.

6.The aluminum sun visor avoids direct sunlight to affect the color light. The high-temperature electrostatic powder spraying process is adopted, which is not rusty and not easy to oxidize. The material is resistant to high temperature, severe cold, deformation, aging, waterproof, and moisture-proof.

digital  countdown timer


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