beam infrared photocell sensor for parking system

beam infrared photocell

beam infrared sensor with good quality. In our lives, we are ignoring a lot of small details, but it’s very important, it safeguards people's personal safety and property security. Such as a loop detector for the parking systems. To ensure the vehicles successfully. When vehicles through the loop, the barrier arm will not mistakenly hit the car. The vehicle detectors mainly detect all metal objects, especially for vehicles. In order to achieve all-around safety measures, we will propose to add infrared photocell beam sensors to better protect pedestrians or vehicles through the gate access and exit.

beam infrared photocell

The beam infrared photocell's full name is "Active infrared intrusion detectors. The basic structure includes the transmitting terminal, receiver terminal, the beam intensity of light, optical lenses. Active infrared intrusion detector is by using the beam blocking mode. when a person or object crosses the monitoring protection zone or triggers an output signal to other devices. Such as a parking system, automatic door system, and an anti-theft alarm system. In practical applications, the photocell sensor should choose the appropriate trigger response time, because the response time is too short to cause unnecessary interference, such as flying birds, falling leaves, etc., will cause false alarms; and the response time is too long, it is easy to form a false alarm, which will lead to no effect. In China, the national standard GB10408.4-2000 active infrared intrusion detector specifies ≥40ms as the alarm trigger time, in view of the application conditions of the traditional active infrared intrusion detector usually installed in the traditional modeling wall.

beam infrared photocellFor the installation conditions on the ground, it is necessary to run the maximum speed of 10m / s to determine the shortest shading time. If the width of the person is 20 cm, the shortest interruption time is 20 ms. The alarm is triggered by blocking of ≥20ms. The national standard GB10408.4-2000 active infrared intrusion detector shall not be alarmed if it is ≤20ms. Infrared photocell sensor can also be used in a variety of automatic doors, gates, rolling gates, garage doors, as well as anti-theft alarm system, warehouse monitoring management, signal output will trigger the corresponding operation, control the gate and roll door lift, switch doors or alarms and other set behaviors. Therefore, the application field of infrared photocell sensor technology is very extensive, but in the actual application process, there are often various kinds of interference, such as sunlight and other light sources containing a large number of infrared rays, These external interferences become the bottleneck of the stable application of infrared photocell sensors. However, The beam infrared photocell sensor is processed using a special technology. Reduce the interference of external conditions. Making a photocell sensor working very stable.NobTra infrared photocell sensor has the longest sensing distance of up to 30 meters in all environments, powerful infrared technology, and has many advantages such as anti-interference, anti-blind circuit, imported raw materials, and unique design, In order to enhance the high safety of customers using our products, NobTra promised a 12-month product's warranty. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our beam infrared photocell sensor.

beam infrared photocell



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