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LED traffic pole light

traffic pole light

 Driving by truck, can't see traffic light? You can't see the traffic lights in front of the rain and fog.

 For the above problems, Noble Opto designed the LED Pole Light that will be able to successfully solve your problems. It can maximize the penetrating power and the display range of traffic lights. Even in vehicles that are blocked by large trucks in the traffic, the car owners can still observe the traffic lights very well and effectively avoid the "mistaken red light" This kind of lighting is it's bright that it had to stop the lights on the road light!


Understand the characteristics of a good pole light for better use


1. Taiwan Jingyuan 5050 high brightness chip

5050 high-brightness chip with a large light-emitting area, which can convert light energy. Low-frequency flash, low light decay, long life, make the light pole traffic signal more brightness.

2. Pure copper guide plate, strong conductive performance, high-temperature resistance.

Pure cooper guide plate improves conversion performance flexibility high-temperature resistance.

3. Insulated waterproof design IP68 waterproof rating.

The traffic pole traffic light is integrally potted with a PC endurance board and epoxy resin glue. waterproof and dustproof performance and the signal level of the same level waterproof level up to IP68.

4. Anti-dead lamp technology.

One lamp bead is broken, no light is emitted, and it does not affect the normal illumination of other lamp beads.

5. Traffic pole signal light follows the traffic signal light.

The product can automatically detect traffic lights to achieve full follow-up signal lights(to achieve this function requires a control vox in each direction) Attention: LED pole traffic signal light and traffic light step switch lighting color. For drivers and passers-by very good warning.


Many car owners have this experience. There is only one lane on the road or there are trees blocking roads on both sides of the road. When the traffic lights are waiting, the driver's line of sight will be blocked by the tree or the large truck or bus in front, and the traffic lights at the intersection are not visible.

Thus, the behavior of the signal light is misunderstood. In order to solve this problem, Noble Opto designed the LED traffic pole light.


traffic pole light

LED traffic pole lights are installed separately on the cross arm and the vertical pole of the traffic pole signal light. When the signal is red light, the led pole light is synchronously displayed as a red light;

when the signal light changes to yellow light, the LED strip light signal following the tube synchronously displays yellow; when the signal light changes to green light, the LED pole light is synchronously displayed in green.     

  traffic pole light    

The main difference between this kind of LED traffic pole light and ordinary signal light is that there are two eye-catching traffic signal pole lights on the light pole, which can change with the signal light. This kind of signal light is very conspicuous day and night, and the overall appearance is beautiful.

It can be seen from 300 meters away, which is very eye-catching, thus effectively avoiding the occurrence of misspoken signal behavior when the signal light is blocked.

traffic pole  light






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