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Production Line

Strict Quality Control for Incoming Material

We test all the components we receive from our suppliers –electronic, rubber, metal, plastic – just to name few –power circuit boards, polycarbonate lenses and housing, rubber seal rings, brackets, cords, terminals, etc.

Hardware parts such as screws, nuts, gaskets, and many more undergo intensive salt spray test lasting for 96 hours to ensure all of the hardware materials could withstand the harsh working environment

We have implemented strict policies for quality control in order to provide high-quality products which are able to operate even in rigorous climate conditions

Below you can see our testing machines – Fast Spectrometer, Electrical Parameters Tester, Fog Tester, and Temperature/Humidity Tester

OEM & ODM Capability

All of Noble's products, including vehicle loop detectors, infrared sensors, traffic video detectors, etc., can provide OEM production services.

Research & Development

Our R&D department has software programming engineers, hardware design engineers, test engineers, structural engineers, and customer service engineers.

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