200MM high flux traffic signal light solution

200mm high flux traffic signal light 

200mm high flux traffic signal light with the advanced design and PC housing material light shell and sun visor. With the black & yellow PC housing can be choice. In additions. We can provide two kinds of mounting brackets. C-shaped mounting brackets and L-shaped mounting brackets. 200mm high flux traffic signal light is developed by our engineering R&D department based on our normal traffic signal light after years of unremitting efforts.  Compared with the normal traffic light. hi flux traffic light was more popular with the customer. 200mm high flux traffic signal light with the fresnel lens and "Osram LED". Led chips import from germany. With good quality and long LED lifespan. Except the vehicle high flux traffic signal light. We can also do the arrow high power traffic light, pedestrian high flux traffic light, Red cross green arrow high flux traffic signal light. 200mm red green amber high flux traffic light can work with the video camera detector, pedestrian push button and 500mm digital countdown timer. Please kindly check the below and you will fithe 200mm high flux traffic signal light solution. 

200mm high flux traffic signal light


Main power traffic controller system ( With the 200mm red green amber high flux traffic light) 

Product type      Description     Quantity 
NBVB213HP-V1 200mm red+green+amber high flux traffic light, with fresnel lens, PC housing, Working voltage:220VAC  4PCS 
NBTSC-200  Main power intelligent traffic signal controller.GPS function,4G,vehicle analysis,Pedestrian button operation,wifi setting,PC software control,setting via mobile phone app or PC software,work voltage:110VAC/230VAC. 1PCS  
NBCB-02  2nd Generation controller Cabinet   1PCS
PTB-20-V12 Pedestrian touch button,display symbol:Wait,and print symbol:Red hand,Button output with wired ,4pcs wire connection.working voltage:240VAC 8PCS
NBPS212HP-V 300mm high flux Pedestrian  traffic light with red and green color,  tinted lens, 3pcs LED, 1led 1watt,120VAC/230VAC 8PCS  
NBAL213HP-V 300mm trun right arrow high flux traffic light, red and amber and green color, tinted lens, 3pcs LED, 1 led 1 watt, 120VAC/230VAC 4PCS
NBTCD-3 Max 8 Detection Zones,Vehicle presence + data+ video,640x480 pixels Resolution,Aluminum housing.operating voltage:12-42VAC 4PCS
NBTCO-4ST Camera Detector Controller,4 camera detector signal input.16 channel optical-relay output.4 error signal output,interface:RS485..operating voltage:12-42VAC 1PCS
CW-583 Camera wireless, 16 channels,working voltage: 24VDC, with POE output to camera detector 5PCS
NB-MW 220VAC to 24VDC meanwell power supply.  4PCS
NBDJS511-RYG 500mm 1 digtal countdown timer with red+green+amber color, PC Housing material, working voltage: 230VAC 4PCS
NBDLX6-1.5  1.5 square  meters 6-core  cable 2000 meters  2000Meters

200mm high flux traffic signal light

The advantage of the 200mm high flux traffic signal light

1) With import LED chips and strong PC housing material. The housing material is made of industrial-grade ABS + PC (polycarbonate PC) material that is resistant to ageing, salt spray and ultraviolet rays and is injection mould-ed at one time to ensure that the traffic lights are used for a long time in harsh outdoor environments.

2) 200mm high flux traffic signal light with Long lifespan LED chips and using time over 100, 000 hours. 

3) 200mm high flux traffic signal light With the 5 years quality warranty and application in many area. Such as intersection, parking system, toll station and so on. 

4) The power supply adopts isolated switching power supply, wide input voltage, short start-up time, lightning protection, surge protection, etc., and the output is designed with constant current and constant voltage.The entire power supply has been checked layer by layer from the design to the procurement of materials to the aging test. The aging process is strictly based on the specified time and full aging. Resolutely prevent bad products from flowing out of the factory and provide a stable working environment for the light source.

200mm high flux traffic signal light






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