Intelligent Traffic Light Controller for Traffic Safety

Intelligent Traffic Light Controller for Traffic Safety

Intelligent traffic light controller series with Actual Vehicle & Pedestrian Push Button.

Intelligent traffic control system is a service system for transportation and vehicle control based on modern electronic information technology. Its prominent feature is the main line of information collection, processing, publishing, exchange, analysis, and utilization to provide diversified services for traffic participants. To put it simply, it is to use high technology to make the traditional transportation mode more intelligent, safer, more energy-efficient and more efficient.

Intelligent traffic light controller                            traffic light controller                             traffic light controller

1. Introduction of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller

NOBLE second generation main power intelligent traffic light controller is suitable for many kinds of intersection, such as four ways, three ways and two ways intersection. The controller supports remote control and Internet communication. The max channel is 44 channel driving control(36 channel for vehicle lights, 8 channel for pedestrian lights). GPS time synchronization, traffic actual, pedestrian push button, green wave are our intelligent traffic light controller features.


1.Two method of program the controller, phone APP and traffic management software.

2. Multiple working mode: Pre-time mode(1-1), green wave mode(1-2), pedestrian push button mode(2-1, 2-1), actual vehicl mode(3-3).

3. Signal plan: 240 solution, 30 stages and 240 menu with 30 phase, week plan, special day plan.

4. Hurry call.

5. Detect function: Lamp failure detect, low voltage detect, green conflict detect. Loop failure detect.

6. Traffic control function, make control the whole direction lamp, also can set each lamp status.

7. Support forced flash function, turn on/off lamp one by one function.

8. Support total fault detection enable DIP setup functions input(main power controller).

3. Software feature of intelligent traffic light controller

1.Communications can be established over Ethernet, Fiber or GPRS.

2. Support online map and offline map data.

3. Support dual green wave function.

4. Support LAN and WAN internet.

5. Plan setting equip with the green wave conflict detect machanism.

6. Software install easily.

4. Function of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller

       The 21st century will be a century of intelligent road traffic. The intelligent traffic control system that people will adopt is an advanced integrated traffic comprehensive management system. In this system, vehicles rely on their own intelligence to freely travel on roads, and highways rely on their own intelligence to adjust traffic flow to the best state. With the help of this system, managers will know the whereabouts of roads and vehicles.

5. Application of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller

  • Traffic Monitoring. The system is similar to the airport's aviation controller, which will establish a rapid communication link between roads, vehicles and pilots. Where did a traffic accident occur. Where the traffic is congested and which road is the smoothest, the system will provide drivers and traffic managers with the fastest speed.
  • Traffic Management. The system connects the GPS of the car's in-vehicle computer and the computer of the height management center to the global positioning system satellite to realize two-way communication between the driver and the dispatch management center to provide the operational efficiency of commercial vehicles, buses and taxis.



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