Vehicle Detector Loop With High-Quality Adjustable Sensitivity OF SALE

Vehicle Detector Loop With High-Quality Adjustable Sensitivity OF SALE
Vehicle Detector Loop With High-Quality Adjustable Sensitivity OF SALE
Vehicle Detector Loop With High-Quality Adjustable Sensitivity OF SALE
Vehicle Detector Loop With High-Quality Adjustable Sensitivity OF SALE

Product Details:

  • Serial Number: LD-100
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD39.16
  • Minimum Order: 10 pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:1-100 pieces within 5 days to be
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Package Details:50 sets/CTN packing size:455*285*275 mm G.W/CTN (kg) :10.36 kg
  • Ability to Supply:5000per/month
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Vehicle Detector Loop Feature

Vehicle Detector Loop Feature is very obvious and its widely used in parking lots, intersections, toll stations, etc. Compact size: compact and well-designed house traffic control application Combine all industry requirements related to vehicle counting Features and functions that make the detector a charging system Incorporate any or existing traffic detection system. Traffic Analysis Diagnostic function: comprehensive diagnostic parking control application features allow accurate diagnostic loops and Installation problem. 

vehicle detector loop

Vehicle Detector Loop can choose the time:
Optional presence time: presence output
The relay can be selected to limit the detection output to a fixed output
The time the vehicle stays in the loop (time > 30 minutes)
Loop frequency indication: interference
Adjacent loops/detectors can be determined by integration
Instruct and eliminate by changing the frequency
Two independent output relays:
There is a relay A that is present in the output. Can be extended by 0, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 or 30 seconds, programmable
Use an external 10-way DIP switch.about how does an inductive loop detector work,Traffic Control Application,  Vehicle Counting, Toll Systems, Traffic Analysis, Parking Control Application.

vehicle detector loop

When we receive the sense of the ground, the following operations:
First:panel indicators and switches
(1) LOOP/FAULT and POWER LED: POWER LED is red and the power is on.
(2) SWITCH1: Sensitivity selection.
(3) SWITCH2: 1. DIP 1 & DIP 2 adjustable functions,
Second : DIP 3 & DIP 4 adjust B relay output status and type
Third:DIP 5 can adjust the function of the coil sensing mode
Fourth:DIP 6 & DIP 7 & DIP 8 Adjust A relay delay return time
Fifth:DIP 9 & DIP 10 adjust the frequency (40K ~ 80KHZ), can be used to eliminate crosstalk

Vehicle loop detector layout, installation precautions, and troubleshooting
1. The coil cutting size 
2. It is recommended to use a multi-core Teflon wire larger than 1.0mm2, and the impedance at both ends of the wire is below 2Ω.
3. Coil sensing range: 20-2000UH
The size of the cutting coil is a rectangle with a length of 1.0m~2.0m and a width of 0.8m~1.2m. Try to avoid turning the right angle at the corner.

vehicle detector loop

Loop Detector Price

Regarding the price of Vehicle Detector Loop, our price is very high, but our product quality is very good, and we have tested the product application and performance comparison of different manufacturers. There are a lot of videos and data indicating that the NOBLE Vehicle detector loop is worthy of your possession, many The quality of customer feedback in the country is really good, reducing the trouble and cost of many after-sales. Compared to the cheaper products, the huge cost of after-sales, the NOBLE price is very cost-effective, choose us to choose to save money. NOBLE professional 11 years of research and development and production, a professional pre-sales and after-sales team, look forward to your arrival.





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