Double Channel Traffic Detection For Parking Lot System

Double Channel Traffic Detection For Parking Lot System
Double Channel Traffic Detection For Parking Lot System
Double Channel Traffic Detection For Parking Lot System

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  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: LD-205
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

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  • Minimum Order: 5 Piece
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  • Package Details:25 sets/CTN
  • Ability to Supply:5000 per/month
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Double Channel Traffic Detection

Double Channel Traffic Detection is used for wherever have to be detected for example for monitoring and safeguarding access ways for counting vehicles. The output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive mechanisms, operating barriers, controlling traffic light systems or activating the card dispensers in parking lots. Double Channel Traffic Detection has two-way outputs replays. One is unlimited output when the loop is permanently covered while the other is multi-mode that can be set by users.

Dual sensitivity vehicle detection patent technology. Fundamental frequency real-time updating technology-can eliminate temperature, pressure and other environmental factors led to deformation of the coils resulting frequency drift. The industry's most perfect lightning protection technology. With three levels of lighting protection (semiconductor, isolated transformer, photo couple isolation.Current industry's most wide temperature operation range: -45 degrees to 60 degrees. Self-contained overall reliability design semiconductor isolation, photo couple isolation, transformer isolation, ESD, EMI, signal integrity, hardware division design.  

Double Channel Traffic Detection



Noble Provide The Different Item Traffic Light Detection As Below:

LD-100 single channel, boxed package, 1 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC (EU Standard)

LD-102 single channel, boxed package,1 type 11pin connects 12-24VDC (EU Standard)

LD-105 single channel, boxed package, 1 type 11 pin connects 100-240VAC (USA Standard))

LD-106 single channel, boxed package, 1 type 11 pin connects,12-24VDC (USA Standard)

LD-200 Dual channel, boxed package, 1 type 11 pin connects, 100-240VAC (EU Standard)

LD-202 Dual channel, boxed package, 1 type  11 pin connects, 12-24VDC(EU Standard)

LD-205 Dual channel, boxed package, 1 type 11 pin connects, 100-240VAC(USA Standard) 

LD-206 Dual channel, boxed package, 1 type 11 pin connects, 12-24VDC( USA Standard)

Double Channel Traffic Detection

The Feature Of Double Way Loop Detector 

1. The coil detector occupies a large area, only one detector is needed for 1-4 lanes, and the detection range is 1-6 meters. 

2. There were many detectable parameters, which can detect vehicle count, presence, speed, occupancy rate, vehicle flow detection, vehicle spacing, transit time, and traffic flow.

3. Traffic Light Detection with High precision, when there was a vehicles pass.  Then our traffic loop detector can detect it very exactly.

4. Easy to expand, when detecting 4  lanes or more, increase the test card.  

5. The road closure is required and the construction period is short. 

6. when the coil fails, replace the coil again and the fault can be restored.

7. The technology is very mature and the most used, because the detection accuracy is the most widely used, and it is not affected by any heavy rain, fog or night weather.

8. Double Channel Traffic Detector with good quality. 

The double channel traffic detection will test the coil during the turning process. When the inductance of the coil exceeds the allowable range or the open circuit or short circuit occurs. The LED will continuously flash.  If the coil test is normal, the LED on the top panel will no longer flash and will enter normal operation ( the relay will not pick up at this time). 

Double Channel Traffic Detection














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