Dual Channel Traffic Detection With NO/NC choose.

Dual Channel Traffic Detection With NO/NC choose.
Dual Channel Traffic Detection With NO/NC choose.

Product Details:

  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: LD-200
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD55
  • Minimum Order: 1 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, In cash
  • Package Details:25set/Carton
  • Ability to Supply:3000 per/month
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Dual Channel Traffic Detection

Dual Channel Traffic Detection. When we arrange production to our customer. you need to confirm whether do you need NO or NC.  Dual channel traffic detection with high power surge suppression capability, coil input transformer isolation, and Zener diode protection against external interference. High stability with automatic temperature change and frequency adaptation. Users can choose different frequencies to avoid causing machine failure. The internal design uses a high-performance microprocessor and high-stability oscillator circuit and adopts channel sequential scanning technology to eliminate crosstalk between coils. It has frequency adaptive and full environmental tracking function, coil input transformer isolation, TVS tube. And gas discharge tube protection to prevent external interference. Suitable for parking lots, road vehicle toll stations and signal light control systems. The detector is a single-channel detector, which can only monitor one inductor at the same time. It has two relays to provide output signals. Users can choose different output signals to control mechanical drives, card-out devices or computing vehicles. 

dual channel traffic detection

Dual channel traffic detection is used whenever vehicles have to be detected. For Example. Monitoring and safeguarding access ways or counting vehicles. The output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive mechanisms, operating barriers, controlling traffic light systems in the car parking or activating card dispensers in car parks. The direction detecting function can be used to statistics the vehicle flew. The principle is based on a change in the inductance within the loop which is caused by the metallic components of passing vehicles. The changes are picked up and evaluated by a microprocessor. Ease of use thanks to automatic calibration when the operating voltage is applied. if you want to use our dual channel traffic detection working with your barrier. That's ok. it does not need the controller system.  you just connect the wire with loop detector and barrier. If you don't know how to wire. you can send your barrier wiring diagram to us. our engineer will teach you how to wire. Dual channel traffic detector, dual channel loop detector, dual channel traffic congestion detector. 

dual channel traffic detection

Dual Channel Traffic Detection is primarily used for vehicle presence detection. Suitable for parking lots, road tolls and traffic signal control. The detector is a single-channel detector that can only monitor one inductor at a time. It has two relays to provide an output signal. The customer can select different output signals to control the mechanical drive, card-out device or computing vehicle. 2. Install the detector: The vehicle detector must be installed in a dry, waterproof and moisture-proof environment as close as possible to the detection coil. Whether the detector works well depends to a large extent on the detection coil to which it is connected. Several important parameters of the coil include coil shape, size, number of turns, and embedding method. (See "Detection Coil Installation Guide" later.) 4. Use: After turning on the power, the dual channel traffic detection will self-test. The self-test program takes about 3 seconds, and the green indicator light changes from blinking to off when the self-test passes. During the self-test, the detection coil is good (no car should stop).

dual channel traffic detection









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