Double-Channel Detection With Good Quality Dual-Way Sensor

Double-Channel Detection With Good Quality Dual-Way Sensor
Double-Channel Detection With Good Quality Dual-Way Sensor

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  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: LD-206
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

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  • Price Quote:USD59
  • Minimum Order: 10 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
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  • Package Details:1 Carton/ 25Piece
  • Ability to Supply:3000 per/month
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Double-Channel Detection 

 Double-Channel Detection with good shielding for the coil lead wires. The coiled cable and leads are preferably single-core copper conductors. The coils and leads are complete wires. The coil and lead wire number are not less than 1.0mm. The double-layer waterproof wire is used. The same number of turns of different sizes to change the operating frequency of the coil, thereby reducing crosstalk. For ease of installation, the detection coils are usually rectangular. This shape is suitable for detecting coils and is suitable for detecting small objects to be detected such as motorcycles and bicycles.

double-channel detection

If the double-channel detection needs to be installed in an area close to a large amount of metal. For example, when the gate is close to the gate, an 8-shaped coil is used. The installation of the coil. First, cut four chamfered coil slots on the road. Prevent sharp corners from damaging the coil cable and pay attention to the grooving specifications. Generally, the width is 4 mm and the depth is 30-5 mm. The lead grooves are cut out. Leave enough leads to connect to the vehicle detector when burying the wires. Make sure there are no connectors in the middle. After the coil is buried, it is sealed with cement or asphalt. In order to ensure that there is no gap in the inner line of the line slot. After the coil is buried, the lead wire of the lead wire slot is twisted and twisted at least 1 meter for 20 times. The lead wire length is no more than 5 meters. Since the sensitivity of the detecting coil decreases as the number of leads increases. Therefore, the length of the lead cable should be as short as possible. The detection coil should be rectangular unless conditions do not allow it. The two long sides are perpendicular to the direction of movement of the vehicle (metal), and the spacing between them is recommended to be 1 meter. The length of the long side depends on the width of the road and is usually 0.5 m narrower than the width of the road. The number of turns of the coil is 4 or 6 turns. If the two coils are adjacent, one is 4 turns and one is 6 turns. Double way loop detector, Dual way detection, dual loop detector. 

double-channel detection

Direction detection (relay A1, B1 output. When the "1" of the MODE is turned OFF, the vehicle enters the trigger direction output. When the "1" is turned ON, the vehicle exits the trigger direction. When the vehicle passes the coil A to the coil B. When the relay B1 outputs the direction pulse (200 ms), when the vehicle passes the double-channel  detection coil B to the coil A, the relay A1 outputs the direction pulse (200 msec) 2, and the auxiliary relay (A2, B2) outputs (independent of the direction detection) when the MODE When "2" is turned OFF and "3" is turned OFF, relay A2 is output when the A coil has the car "present", and when the B coil has the vehicle "present", the relay B2 outputs when the "2" of the MODE is turned OFF, "3 "When dialing to ON, the relay A2 is output when the A coil has the car "away", and the relay B2 is output when the B coil has the car "away".

double-channel detection






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